Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93


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Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93

Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93

Muscle building requires a lot of determination and a very strict diet and workout regime. The biggest challenge in the process is to maintain a high amount of proteins through regular diet. This is where Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 whey protein can help meet the requirement.

Ultimate Nutrition is an esteemed brand and its products are tested for safety and efficiency. Iso- sensation 93 provides 93% of protein per serving. The protein it consists of is 100% Iso chill whey protein, which is a functional whey isolate (whey protein processed by a novel ultra- low temperature micro- filtration process). It contains undenatured bio- active whey proteins- immunoglobulin (IgB), lactoferrin (Lf) and glycomacropeptide (GMP) in balanced amounts. To meet the best quality standards, it is made from sweet whey which is membrane filtered and spray dried through indirect heat to keep its nutrition intact.

Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 comes in a variety of flavours such as Banana Ice- Cream, Café Brazil, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate fudge, etc.

Also, it is available in packs of 2lb as well as 5lb.

The major ingredient it consists of is IsoChill whey protein (Double cold temperature processed cross flow full spectrum premium micro- filtered whey isolate) along with Glutamine complex (Glutamine Peptide, N Acetyl L- Glutamine). It contains some secondary ingredients as well such as cocoa, colostrum, etc.

  • What is Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93 whey protein?

Iso Sensation 93 is 100% Iso Chill whey protein, which is processed at extremely cold temperatures. It consists of appropriate amounts of bio active whey proteins, which further enhances its quality. It is beneficial for muscle recovery and muscle gain, as well as supports fat loss and general fitness.


  • Is ISO 93 Lactose Free?

Ultimate nutrition Iso sensation consists of lactase instead of lactose, which provides better digestion.


  • List Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation benefits.

  1. It provides 30g of whey protein per serving of 32g.
  2. It enhances muscle recovery and muscle growth.
  3. It contains lactase and protease which improves its digestion in the body.
  4. It contains glutamine, which further improves muscle recovery.
  5. All healthy individuals can consume it.


  • Ultimate nutrition Iso sensation 93 versus ON Gold Standard:

Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation 93 as well as ON Gold Standard whey protein are both excellent whey protein supplements, however they differ in the criteria below:

  1. Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation is more pocket friendly as compared to ON Gold Standard whey protein.
  2. Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation contains 100% Iso Chill whey protein, whereas ON Gold Standard consists of protein blends i.e. whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and whey peptides.
  3. Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation provides 30g of protein per serving of 32g, whereas ON Gold Standard provides 24g of protein per serving of 30g.
  4. Ultimate Nutrition Iso sensation consists of glutamine complex, whereas ON Gold Standard whey does not.

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Cafe Brazil, Chocolate Fudge


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