Muscletech Platinum MultiVitamin


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  • High Potency Vitamins & Minerals: Platinum Multivitamin is packed with essential vitamins & minerals as per the daily requirement. With each serving, you get 18 vitamins & minerals, including vitamin A, C, E B6, and B12.
  • Amino Support: Multivitamin is formulated with 865mg Amino support matrix and 536mg herbal matrix. It helps to ensure a solid nutritional foundation to support recovery and protein synthesis after workouts.
  • A Healthy Formula: Daily Multivitamin is formulated with advanced enzymes and mineral complexes for active individuals, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking to support general good health for peak performance. Perfect advance formula for active individuals.
  • Your Daily Partner: This multivitamin formulation comes with 90 tablets, to support the daily nutritional needs of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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