FAST&UP EAA Intra Workout Drink 30 Servings


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Fast&Up EAA is an advanced science-based solution that contains 13 Ultra amino acids as well as hydration and a vitamin booster combination. EAAs aid in muscle growth and regeneration while also lowering fatigue and soreness. This formula contains taurine, which aids in muscle re-energizing and mending, as well as citrulline, which aids in the oxygenation and elimination of toxins from muscles. This drink has a smooth and creamy texture thanks to Ultra Granulation Technology.
  • 13 Ultra Amino acids helps in muscle recovery
  • Muscle Hydrating Electrolytes helps Hydrate Muscle Fibres for Proper Muscle & Nerve Function
  • Added Vitamin booster blend that aids Muscle Growth and Health, Enhances Metabolism
  • Ultra -granulated EAA that is Vegetarian, caffeine and banned substance free with no added sugar



Cola, Lemon, Orange



How to use

Add 1 scoop of Fast&Up EAA in 250 ml of water or your favourite drink. Mix well. Drink!


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