QNT Iso Ripped 2KG


Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate

Infused with L-Carnitine & CLA

Potent Weight Loss Formulation

High Protein Concentration per scoop

Helps in achieving a Ripped Body

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

QNT ISORIPPED 100% whey isolate consists of 32 gm of Lean muscle protein with the addition of super weight loss formula. Isoripped is exclusively composed of ultra-filtered whey isolate with the latest ultra-low temperature processing method. Having almost no carbohydrates and the absence of lactose makes this product very easily digestible.

Isoripped 100% whey isolate is the perfect product for professional athletes and, at the same time, the ideal supplement for sports amateurs desiring to develop and maintain their muscle mass. Its weight loss formula contains CLA and L- carnitine that helps accelerate the weight loss process by converting fat into energy and stopping any new fat formation in the body.




Choco Brownie, Kesar Malai Kulfi, Strawberry Banana



When to use

Isoripped 100% whey isolate can be consumed as your body requires. Before training, make sure the weight loss formula that isoripped has can work on shredding the stubborn fat. Or after your workout, to provide protein and amino acids to help your body recover and build lean muscle mass.


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